Draconian Syndicate Party Rules

  1. Draconian Syndicate is not 18+. Please no ERP in public spaces. Keep it in your groupchat. Be aware that if you MT, we reserve the right to mock you on air for it. (And we will!)
  2. Your OOC Drama doesn't belong at our Party. We will kick you from the party if you are causing problems and being disruptive to everyone's enjoyment. We will ban you if you continue to cause problems and be disruptive. Please speak to Boss Ceyle if you feel this has been done unjustly.
  3. Your RP is welcome and encouraged. We do want everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. Please be aware that not everyone present is IC and not everyone will want to take part in your RP, and be respectful. Also, if you would like to plan an RP event to take place at one of our parties, please contact a DJ (Asha Mar, Koshk'a) or the Boss Lady (Ceyle) before the party and we'll see what we can do to accomodate you!
  4. Lastly: Be Excellent to Each Other...and Party On, Dudes!
Draconian security forces reserves the right to toss any and all drama causing idiots out an air lock. Please do not be a Drama Causing idiot